Niels Eberle



Prior to joining Heither & von Morgen, Niels Eberle has worked for an international law firm in Berlin specializing in company, real estate, capital market and tax law.

Niels Eberle represents companies of every type and form of participation, as well as directors, shareholders, partners and founders in all stages of the company’s existence; from its creation and the setting up of the articles of agreement, via potential restructuring or changes of ownership interest to the liquidation. Mr. Eberle provides substantial expertise in tax law, which is of crucial importance and underpins virtually every strategic decision from the best form of corporation to its liquidation. His experience therefore guarantees both reliable prevention of possible long-term problems and effective communication and cooperation with the clients’ accountant. 

Also, Niels Eberle advises both purchasers and sellers in the context of share deals.

Another focus area of Mr. Eberle’s work concerns occupational pension schemes. In the course of his efforts, Mr. Eberle represents employers and employees in relation to pension commitments and pension adjustments. 

Mr. Eberle is also experienced in all matters of receivables management and judicial foreclosure, enforcing claims for both private individuals and companies.

Mr. Eberle studied law at Humboldt University in Berlin.

Partner since January 1, 2015.



Verzugszinsen bei fehlerhafter Betriebsrentenanpassung, Der Betrieb 2012, S. 404

Languages: English